Workshop on media, crises management

MUSCAT: A two-day workshop on media and crises management organised by the Omani Journalists Association (OJA) began on Monday with the aim of shedding light on the correct media concepts in dealing with crises. The workshop aims to identify the concepts and the arts of the press work in dealing with any important media event, how to deal with it in terms of different specialised testing methods and to introduce the concept of crisis as a media event that media is interested in.
The workshop dealt with defining the concepts and positive elements that the media should undertake towards the various means of these crises, how these crises are managed and contained, the role and contribution of the media regarding the immediacy of transferring the event from its location with depth and comprehensiveness that helps to understand the dimensions of the crisis and its various developments and effects. Thirty-five people participated in the workshop from various media outlets in the Sultanate and a number of members of OJA. — ONA