Workshop in Nizwa tackles reducing use of social media and phones

BY Iman Issa Al abri –

How intrusive have social media and our phones become to our daily lives?
In a workshop organised by the Nizwa College of Applied Science led by its English Society, hosts and participants tackled the issue and discussed the means and ways of “Reducing the Use of Social Media and Mobile Phones”.
Halima al Khamisiya, a graduate student at the University of Nizwa, together with the “Esh3ar” team conducted the workshop with the goal of reducing the use of social media and phones, as well as using them wisely in a good manner.
Al Khamisiya highlighting facts and statistics about phone usage and how too much dependence on technology can result in the emergence of larger problems. She pointed out the phenomenon of electronic addiction and how it has negatively impacted individuals as well as communities. She shared motivational stories in the field of human development, and how the individual can overcome obstacles to reach the goal.
During the workshop, the attendees shared their experiences and stories in the field of self-development, and how the phone might be a reason to waste time and distract the student from completing work.
Sumaya al Ambusaidiya, an English lecturer at the college, shared some unforgettable stories about her students, and their behaviour during the lectures through what she has seen and notice. She also pointed out that electronic devices dependence has merit to it as many of her students “were literally glued to their phones”.
Dr Salem al Sheikh, Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs and Scientific Research, with Dr Sarah al Bahlani, the Head of English Department at the college, honoured Halima al Khamisiya for her efforts and thank her for the inspirational workshop which proved to be relevant to many of the attendees.