Workshop focuses on Al Hamra’s old architecture

MUSCAT: The process of cultural and architectural renewal at Misfat al Abriyin in Wilayat Al Hamra has reached a milestone with a collaborative initiative promoted by ArCHIAMcentre — based at University of Liverpool, UK — with the Ministry of Tourism and the Misfat al-Abriyin cooperative group.
A two-day workshop event took place on 19 and 20 July in the old Misfah, accompanying the initial implementation phase following ArCHIAM’s master planning. The workshop focused on three aspects: renovating old buildings, reconsidering the uses of the grilling district, and the village’s bakery. The highly interactive workshop was presented by experts in the field of tourism who succeeded in involving the local community in sharing their ideas and suggestions.
This participatory approach was chosen to engage with the local community in a pleasant and sociable environment, fostering a reciprocal exchange of ideas. The architects’ intent was to ensure the involvement of diverse age and gender groups of the local population through three different workshops. Thanks to the extremely warm and cohesive support of the cooperative group, the turnout was extraordinary.
Within the different workshop sessions, participants of all ages had the chance to use a 3D model with interchangeable components, printed simulations of different materials, and handouts, to explore and shape the future of Shua. Through the events of these days, the innovative dialogue between Oman’s past, present and future was kept in the hands of local residents.