Workshop examines safety management in medical labs

A two-day workshop on ‘Safety Management in Medical Laboratories – Level 2’ was held at Nizwa Hospital recently.
The workshop was organised by the Environmental Health and Occupational Safety Department and the Department of Medical Laboratories at Nizwa Hospital. Laboratory technicians from government and private health institutions participated in the programme.
Ahmed bin Said al Harthy, Quality and Safety Supervisor at the Medical Laboratories of the General Directorate of Khawla Hospital, led the workshop.
The first level workshop held earlier had discussed the theme ‘Fundamentals of Safety in Medical Laboratories’.
The programme aimed at making health workers aware of the principles of occupational safety in laboratories, besides correcting some professional practices related to sampling and risk management within the work environment.
Some laboratory technicians presented their experiences in the light of what they had learned at the first level.
On the first day, the workshop addressed important topics such as first-aid in the workplace and its importance, dealing with critical cases such as heart attacks, fainting, falls and related fractures. They were also introduced to cases of musculoskeletal disorders and proper handling of equipment and tools.
The workshop dealt with work environment risks, transportation of high-risk samples, and sorting of waste and its disposal without harming the environment and employees.
The workshop stressed on the need to report experiences in the working environment. The participants also wanted to put the knowledge they acquired during the workshop into practice to improve their occupational health and safety.
On the sidelines of the workshop, the Department of Medical Laboratories at Nizwa Hospital celebrated the Week of Medical Laboratories by holding an exhibition.