Work place, a second home or not?!

Being a boss is a wish that every employee dreams of, but does it worth the struggle and sacrifice it requires?! Perhaps not all bosses are struggling with such a position as not every boss is giving the best for it! This is just a reference to different types of bosses and work environments people are having. As some organisations see change in management every now and then, it becomes painfully irritating for employees to cope with such changes, some of which are probably unnecessary. Everyone is criticising the work place where we spend most of our day time more than at home.
This is a kind of regular common discussion among people, and could be brought very often on different occasions and gatherings. It sheds light on different types of work environments and bosses. Not necessarily that such talks are negatively-themed, but it might be another way of letting things out of one’s chest. It is regarded an
opportunity of having a constructive evaluation and sharing personal experiences at work.
It’s not abnormal that people tend to highlight an issue or a certain situation with others out of disappointment or looking for an advice or an opinion. Else, it could be a matter of sharing a good experiences out of being positive about the place of work or a person. As a talk from different angles, definitely touches on positive and negative concerns.
Pleasing all people is an impossible mission to achieve, so don’t even try to think about it. However, having a healthy work environment and a good leader is very important indeed. This will have a positive impact on employees, and accordingly will be reflected on their performance.
Sometimes, it’s just a matter of maintaining a stress-free environment and friendly relations and trust among employees themselves and with the management too.
Among the frustrating things for employees is the ill-management of tasks which are assigned to each employee, which sometimes creates unnecessary work load. The improper and unfair distribution of daily assignments and tasks is behind the lack of team spirit as well as friendly relations between workmates and employees in any organisation.
Having no efficient priority for tasks is another issue that many employees and managers are not paying attention. Thus, employees might struggle with a miserable daily routine full of unnecessary tension and work load. Consequently, the quality of their performance and output is poor and possibly unacceptable. If it happens in an organisation where services are to be rendered, this will certainly dissatisfy customers and might have negative effect on the organisation.
Neither the employee nor the customer would like this to happen, but sometimes it’s out of their control. Both will be victims of bad management or a careless boss who cares about nothing, but himself and to complete his mission.
Unfortunately, this kind of person is not a manager or a leader at all.
Always, a good leader is the one whose actions inspire others to dream more, learn more and do more.
He is a real leader whom we all need at a work place!
Managers should implement the policy of smart work, not hard work so they can be good leaders for their employees. Instead of burdening employees with lot of tasks every single day and to just keep them busy all the time is not the right way of making them competent employees.
Dear bosses, if quality is required, you just need to prioritise tasks and have an agreement with your employees. Have some trust, confidence and accountability so that they can deliver quality work on time. Just ensure good chemistry and team spirit among employees and rest assured that they will spare no effort to give their best to the organisation and be dedicated and professional.