Words express, but intentions have their say

Lakshmi Kothaneth –
lakshmiobserver@gmail.com –

Intention is a powerful word we often forget about. No matter how much we cover our thoughts, intentions have a way of coming to fulfillment.
Words might express one, actions might portray something else and can be misunderstood, but intentions will have their say.
It is intentions that gain points. Not that words and actions do not have value. In fact, words and actions are powerful but most of the time if you have noticed, they bring immediate results. Intentions, on the other hand, are not always obvious to the others. They are deep within the individual. It is the seed of thought and actions in many ways.
While the animal kingdom works mainly on instinct and reaction mode, man is a being that has learnt the art of communicating at various levels. There is a thought process, planning and execution.
Somewhere along, we have learnt to be suspicious of other people’s intentions. It is an element of being street-smart, some might say. Otherwise one would be naïve, is what people say.
Trust is the foundation of any relationship, be it personal or professional. If we were to look at the cause of stress levels that most people go through every day, it must be due to the trust issues. From home to street to workplace, the thought process continues on whom to trust and whom not to.
On the other end of the spectrum is the talk of oneness. One argument is that oneness can only be applicable if the world is without competition. When being successful is one of the traits people strive for, how can this be achieved?
It can be achieved easily if one is to accept the fact that everyone has a unique talent and the mission is to discover it and nurture it. Most of us want to be like somebody else and in the process miss out on nurturing our inborn talent. Where does that lead to? A lot of frustration and feeling of discomfort is what we end up with.
That sense of discomfort is interesting because I think it is the beginning of a beautiful soul-searching journey. We only listen to music when there is harmony between melody and rhythm. Even if one of the musical elements go off beat, we want to tune ourselves out of it.
If that is an external influence, imagine the internal conflicts we go through as we try to balance between achieving success and staying true to values one has been brought up with, traditions and modernisation, development and sustainability, etc.
Then there are the unseen agendas and once again we go in search of intentions. The best part of understanding intentions was when Sheikh Khalfan al Esry, the late Islamic scholar and self-development coach, explained to me that what is most important are intentions. Even when there is a positive intention in mind, it begins to have its effect.
Have you ever tried writing down intentions? We have so many hopes and dreams but we do not dare talk about it, lest it goes unfulfilled. But would we dare to write it down?
Children discuss so openly about what they want to be when they grow up with such sincerity that just listening to them make you want to celebrate life. The immense confidence in potentiality of life.
Somewhere along when we grow up, we lose that faith in hope. We forget to day-dream and smile when we think. Is it ever too late to dream and pick up broken dreams? I think not. The sun rises and moon arrives every day for each one of us. The sun shines on everyone. It just depends on where we want to stand.
It has to happen because the world has far too many success stories of individuals who did not fit into the conventional belief of having all the requirements of making it to the top of the success ladder.
The sign to look out for is of course the harmony to realise whether one is in tune with the true calling. Is there a sense of disharmony or an out of sync feeling? Or do we feel we are in the right place?
To top it all is the fact that no two days are going to be the same and how ever organised one is, surprises will be thrown in. The twists and turns of life actually makes each of our lives so vivid and unique just like our fingerprints.
No matter what each day holds for us, the earth will continue to make its each move slowly and steadily just as prescribed. Tomorrow will be a new day and it can be a better day.