Woodball league concludes in Muscat

MUSCAT, Oct 8 – Oman Sepak takraw, kabaddi and woodball committee recently concluded its first woodball league which was held from October 4 to 6 in Muscat. As many as 33 players took part in the league representing different wilayats including Muscat, Suhar, Sur and Ibra. All the players competed — during the three days of tournament — in different categories which featured singles and doubles in knock-out stages. Mohammed al Niyadi won the first place in best ranking players category.

Said al Farsi claimed the second place award while Abdullah al Mukhaini was positioned third in local ranking. Salim al Hamdani and Sultan al Khduri won the double category award while Juma al Hinai and Mohammed al Hinai finished second. Arafat al Salhi grabbed the first award of singles knock-out category. Oman Sepak takraw, kabaddi and woodball committee are working to boost the game among the interested players and implement the idea of having a special league for the game and ranking the players. Also, it is expected that the committee will organise a study on the coming year to organise a beach league to gear up for Beach World Championship in China in 2019.