Women’s Day special: Staying fit while achieving dreams

She has her Masters in Business Administration but got attracted to the fitness world and had the project in mind by 2017, but her parents advice was to establish herself and then start out a venture.  She heeded and on this year’s Omani Women’s Day Adra al Yahyai is inaugurating her fitness centre – Evolve.

It is a dream come true and feels amazing to see it all real.  She had to experience fitness herself for health reasons and to lose weight to be on the right track.

What does she want to convey to the world?

“I want to reduce the lack of information that is currently prevalent out there such as extreme diets and workouts.”

The brand had existed since 2017 but she established the studio now.  It is challenging but I am looking at the best side of things.  The pandemic period means a limited number of participants at a time to ensure 2 meter distancing.  But there is also a facility for personal evolving – personal training.  For the group sessions it is zumba, body attack, cardio resistance and yoga.

Ask her about the strength of a woman and her answer is – “Strength of a woman is her determination, my passion, making something happen.”

And she did it.