Women’s Day special: Fly High

What attracted Amina al Qutaibi to the airline industry?  The answer is simple, she says, “It is glamorous, you get good international exposure.”

This year is her 15th year with Oman Air.  When asked about her career journey of she answers, “I have been fortunate.”

“I was fortunate as my growth was seamless with cabin crew operations looking after crew grooming, conducting crew resource management training for cabin crew and pilots, conducting service and training for cabin crew and head of service standard as well as training under guest experience and branding,” Amina explained.

She looks into various aspects of grooming, she explained, “Grooming of crew is an essential aspect of crew presentation, they carry the image of the airline, there are fine details crew are required to adhere in grooming, starting from their uniforms, makeup, hairstyle, hygiene and maintaining appropriate height and weight.”

The airline industry currently is going through impact of Covid-19, but it has been a magnet for the youth but what are the job requirements?

“Good interpersonal skills as this is a service industry we require people who have basic understanding of guest values and people’s needs,” she noted.

And when it comes to challenges and strength, “Indeed there are still challenges for women, however the reflection of the Sultanate believes in women and their abilities and therefore there is a great empowerment and are supported by giving rights to women and closing the gender gap.

Strength – Being a woman she acts upon her natural instincts and this itself allows her to reflect with qualities such as empathy, intuition and the ability to multitask and work under pressure in her professional life.