Women love this traditional Al Laylam Souq

The Friday Souq in Nizwa is known for preserving the Omani heritage and market traditions. The souq comprises of many markets where different products are sold. One among them is Al Laylam Souq, which is one of the oldest markets in the Sultanate. Women flock to the souq held next to Al Shahba Castle because they can bargain and buy goods. The word Laylam in Arabic means street vendor men who visited the houses with his wares. The market starts from early morning and lasts until noon.

Some sellers continue to display their wares till evening. Sellers start preparing their wares from every Thursday. There is no fixed corner for each vendor. The seller chooses the place he wants in this square to sell his products. The market offers used products at cheaper prices. The buyers can bargain as there is no fixed price for the goods. All the sellers in this market are elderly Omanis who choose this market because there are no taxes and terms. The merchandise sold in the market varies from clothes, perfumes, toys, bicycles, bed sheets, utensils, household items and carpets. The market has lost its charm due to big stores and supermarkets.