Women artists come together for Al Sumt

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There is no better way to celebrate Women’s International Day than empowering women and bringing talented females in one roof.
And under the impeccable roof of Gallery Sarah, a group of Omani female artists comprised of Halima Al Balushi, Maryam Al Wahaibi, Tahirah Fida, Dr. Shamsa Al Harthy, Noora Al Zadjali, Samar al-Kaabi, and Jamila Al Zadjali took centre stage once more to show what they are capable of.
Under the auspices of honourable Mariam Issa Al Zadjali, member of the State Council, Oman, Gallery Sarah opened a group exhibition on Wednesday, March 15, 2017 at Gallery Sarah, Muscat.
This exhibition aimed to commemorate the celebration of Women’s International Day and Mother’s Day in the Sultanate. Gallery Sarah displays a wide variety of extraordinary artworks and different experiences of art techniques, all of which takes a circular shape to symbolize “Al Sumt”.
“Al Sumt” is an Arabic Omani word which means, “silvery circular disk”, that dwells in the middle of the traditional Omani necklaces women wear.
Still worn to date, engraved with symbols and beautiful inscriptions of mostly circles and triangles, the exhibition borrowed its name and essence from such a remarkable women accessory.
For the organisers, Al Sumt symbolises heritage and history, as well as the Omani female in particular.
The artists who participated are all members of the Omani Society of Fine Arts and the Studio of the Youth of which they have made names for themselves. Most of the women also engaged in the field of art since the beginning of the numerous and many of them have already conducted local and international exhibitions.
To bring the exhibition into fruition, the featured artists were asked of their common and shared principles which then serve as focal point for the exhibition.
The theme of the artworks was designed to show values such as warmth, achievement, patience, sacrifice, contribution, love, energy, beauty, confidence and history. Each of the artist’s works are characterised by the display of their ideologies. And they also communicated the women’s individuality.
Their style also varied, from expressionist, symbolic, and some surreal which complete the image of women as part of the “University of Life”.
This year’s exhibition is the second edition of the works of the same group of artists and is an extension of the previous exhibition which was entitled Mother Day Exhibition held last year in March 22, 2016 at Opera Galleria-the Opera House.
The previous year’s exhibition was held on the occasion of Mother’s Day celebration, and the artists built upon the collection they have exhibited the previous year.
“Al Sumt” will be on display until April 13, 2017 from 9.30am till 5:30pm, Sunday till Thursday at Gallery Sarah at Bait Al Zubair.