Woman as a manager of family!

women, worldwide, are considered the cornerstone of a society. They are the main caretakers of children and superintendents of the whole family! As a mother, she normally does the childbearing in the family. She is mainly responsible for the children’s habits of self-control, productiveness, hard work, theft or honesty.
A mother is the first teacher of children; it is from her that a child learns the rules of race, laws, moral codes, manners and principles too. Hence, she is responsible for maintenance of ultimate discipline in a family. As a mother, she is a family health officer who gets worried and concerned about the physical welfare of every member of the family! May the Almighty Allah bless all mothers.
Generally, a woman works as a humble manager of family chores. A considerate woman, for instance, takes the responsibility of securing maximum returns from every penny being spent. She also likes to create surplus budget rather than a deficit budget for her family. While spending money, she is calculating the loss and profit as well. She wisely distributes income based on different aspects such as needs, luxuries and comforts.
Such kind of woman stands as a real companion, partner and friend of her man. In addition to being a good manager, she also sacrifices her personal happiness and pleasure as well as relieves stress and tension of her husband. Therefore, she creates an essential happy living environment for her whole family. Actually, she becomes the source of inspiration!
Usually, the growth of any society is measured by the degree of cultural and social development of women and their effective contribution to the cultural construction of a society.
Thus, women’s value is presented in a society which gives them the respect and deals with them as an integrated human. Likewise, women’s influential role in forming and developing a society is guaranteed when outdated traditions that reduce the dignity of women are eliminated.
In today’s world, the importance of women in society is beyond any doubt. With their intelligence, ambitions and strength, women have proved that they are a key partner in building nations and be real leaders. The traditional and conservative approach towards women as wives and reproductive generation are extinct. With all respect to some women who are good mothers and excellent housewives; women are also successful in other areas as men.
Nowadays, women have become army and police officers, which for centuries have been limited to men only. Women have proved that they can be full members of society having their own influence on different walks of life.
In view of that, Omani women have also showed their dedication towards contributing to the nation-building march. From the start of His Majesty’s reign in 1970s, all Omani women have been called upon to roll over their sleeves and shoulder the responsibility
along with men to contribute in building new Oman.
His Majesty addressed Omani women in every corner of the country saying: “We call upon Omani women everywhere, in the villages and the cities, in both urban and Bedouin communities, in the hills and mountains, to roll up their sleeves and contribute to the process of economic and social development — everyone, according to their capabilities, experience, skills and their
position in life.”
Since then, women in Oman have been achieving what other women in other countries could not achieve. They contributed highly to the well-being of their families, communities and country. Omani women are always regarded reliable partners with men in the process of making the future of Oman.
Omani woman has always been the cornerstone of society; she is a mother and a caregiver, a wife who runs the house and meets the needs of all family members, a sister and a daughter.
Besides, she is a decision-maker who serves building Oman’s brighter future for the generations to come. To all Omani women, always keep your sleeves
rolling over!