‘Winning Friendship Trophy, an achievement’

MUSCAT, OCT 23 – Shabab Oman II was hosted by the Royal Navy of Oman (RNO) after her successful completion of around 15,500 nautical miles of sail in the last six months during which the ship visited 14 countries and took part in 3 international events.
The ship sent out messages of peace and harmony under the guidance of Lt Gen Ali bin Mohammed al Hosni (pictured), Chief Captain and Commanding Officer of the ship.
The three international events were held in Holland, Baltic and France where some of the best ships were exhibited.
Shabab Oman II, the 11.1 metres-wide classic ship, was one of the largest ships in the race with a prime mast voltage of 51.2 metres.
The ship sailed from Wudam on April 30 for 6 months voyage with the aim of sending messages of friendliness, peace and harmony. It called on 17 ports in 14 countries attracting over 300,000 visitors onboard.
There were 90 members which included 54 crew and 36 trainees onboard to steer and aid the voyage. The trainees included 24 males and 12 females from different parts of the country.
“The main achievement of the Shabab Oman is that it had won the ‘Friendship Trophy’ which is considered to be a coveted title for ships in Holland,” Al Hosni told the Observer.
“However, the previous one had won the title 9 times in its life,” he added.
While being a global ambassador of peace with Omani flag on top, the ship also aims at training the young Omanis for seafaring. That’s where the name was derived, Shabab.
“This gleaming, luxurious Royal Navy ship of the Sultanate was built by the Dutch in 2014.
It’s sister ship belongs to Brazil who resides on the other side of the world”, Lt Khaleefa al Saadi adds.