Winners for best application to monitor COVID-19 patients announced

Muscat: The Research Council (TRC)’s Smart City Platform, a collaborative initiative between TRC, the Supreme Council of Planning, Muscat Municipality and Information Technology Authority, has announced the competition’s winners for the best application to monitor people infected with COVID-19.

The competition aimed to combat the pandemic in a national level by providing an electronic app that aids in the process of containing the spread of the virus in the Omani society with the help of concerned institutions in supporting the apps and determining its mechanisms to contain the virus.

The number of applications that were submitted to participate in the competition reached 30 applications. There was a great competition between these different application, especially with the prominent diversity in the ideas and modern techniques submitted to the competition.

The advanced applications have suggested the participants’ understanding of the purpose of the competition and the need for innovative ideas to combat COVID-19. The evaluation was done virtually, with the committee consisting of more than 7 individuals from various institutions and ministries, such as the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Technology and Communications, and others.


The first place went to the application “Es-hah” by Mazoon al Habsi, Rahma al Habsi and Muzna al Habsi, with RO 1,300 as the winning prize. This app was created for faster epidemiological investigation, as a satellite tracking system for the user, and the data is only shared with the permission and approval of the user, to access a huge database that facilitates epidemiological investigation of the infection.

The second place went to the application “Oman faces Corona” by Muath Yousuf al Balushi, with RO 800 as the winning prize. The app includes an introductory platform on COVID-19 and ways to prevent it. It contains the official bulletins issued by the official authorities concerned with this pandemic, and warns individuals of the society in a larger scale from rumours in regards to COVID-19.

Moreover, one of the prominent features of the app is its ability to search for available health services within 20 km from the current user’s location as well as the ability to search for suppliers within 20 km of the location of the user.

The third place went to an application by Louay al Habsi and Sulaiman al Rawhi, with RO 400 as the winning prize. The app aims to assist the concerned authorities in following up and monitoring COVID-19 patients and those in home and institutional quarantine. The app also helps users to avoid those infected with the virus or even quarantined people. All residents of the Sultanate can also benefit from this app by taking caution and knowing new developments about COVID-19. –ONA

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