Wilayat of Taqah : Springs, mountains and seashore

Wilayat of Taqah is the second-largest city in Dhofar Governorate and is located on southwestern part of the Sultanate.
The place offers varied tourist attractions, either on its outspread plains, grasslands or wide wadis.
Wadi Darbat in the wilayat embraces one of the spectacular scenes in the governorate. The wadi is distinguished by its unspoilt nature and thick botanical cover, besides natural springs and number of caves, especially Teeq Cave. Wadi Darbat is another scenic spot in Salalah, especially for the mountain and spring lovers.

Taqah has witnessed many development projects in education, health, electricity, water, telecommunications and roads. Its fisheries harbour offers much economic significance.
The wilayat includes many attractions that connect between the past legacy and the present prosperity. Among the historic landmarks that exist in the wilayat is the Taqah Castle.
Located about 33 kilometres east of Salalah, the castle is regarded as the most popular castle to visit in the governorate. The castle became the property of the government during the time of Sultan Said bin Taimour, the father of late His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said. During the 1960s the castle was expanded by adding the outer wall and its four towers. The castle was renovated and reopened as a museum in 1994.