Why Muslims eat halal Foods?

Islam gives guidelines on what exactly is considered lawful and therefore, “halal’ to consume and what is considered unlawful or “haram” to consume.
Through His divine wisdom, God has made unlawful the consumption of meat from animals that have not been slaughtered in Islamic way — by cutting the throat with a sharp knife and invoking Allah’s name. He also made unlawful the consumption of certain meats such as carrion, blood, pork, and meat of animals that have been strangled, beaten, fallen (to their death), gored, and devoured by beasts of prey. He also made unlawful consumption of animals when sacrificed for other than God — e.g. animals used in idolatrous sacrifices.
The following list represent the general guideline when it comes to Muslim food consumption: Alcohol — intoxicants and narcotic drugs are unlawful; Blood and blood by-products are unlawful. Blood is the circulatory cleansing fluid of the body and is not to be consumed; Carnivorous animals, birds of prey, scavengers and animals improperly slaughtered, sick of dying before slaughter are unlawful; swine and all pork by-producst and/or their derivatives are unlawful; foods contaminated with any of the above products or with ‘impurities’ from processing such as manure, urine, rodent droppings, infectious fluids, or pus are considered unlawful.