While on land tropical system continues to churn dense clouds

Muscat: Pockets of sunshine are just breaks between the thundershowers as Saturday morning saw the centre of the low pressure cross land located between Salalah and Taqa, Dhofar Governorate.

While the wind speed continues to be between 17 to 25 knots and the system is heading towards the west, more rain can be expected said the weather forecaster at the National Multi Hazards Early Warning Center of Public Authority for Civil Aviation.

The highest amount of rainfall was received in Sadah which recorded 190 mm, Taqa recorded 182 mm and Salalah received 175 mm.

“We are expecting heavy rains for the next three days.  We expect to see on Sunday and Monday more rains than what we have experienced on Friday.  Although the surface wind is same, the cloud formations when it hits the mountains results in more rainfall.  We expect to see 100 to 200 mm of rainfall in 24 hours in some parts of Dhofar,” explained Ahmed al Balushi, weather forecaster at Oman Met Office.

Although in some parts of Dhofar it has been sunny, thundershowers are expected as the clouds are moving.

“Some places they do not have the cloud coverage so they think it is over but the system is moving.  The center has crossed the land and is between Taqah and Salalah and moving toward the desert area and maybe Al Mazyounah and the Yemen border.  With this movement we are expecting heavy rains, which will continue for the next two days,” he said.

The centre of the system is still moving around the coastal and mountain areas because of the unique shape and features of Dhofar region.

With the current situation where the centre is still lingering around the coast line the system continue to have dense clouds over the Arabian Sea, which is one of the major reasons why more rain is predicted for the region in the coming hours.

“Do not forget it is a tropical system so it has much energy with high level of humidity to create heavy rainfall so anything is possible.

The high humidity found in the atmosphere right now because of the low pressure as well as the trough coming from Iran is seeing an enhancement of local clouds and rain in Al Hajr Mountains.  These clouds are also reaching south of Muscat as the clouds are extended to the coastal regions,” he said speaking to Oman Observer.

The request for the citizens and residents in Dhofar is to stay away from mountains, wadis, low lying areas and the sea as 3 to 5 meters high waves are expected.  As the land is already filled with water more rains will create flash floods, added the weather forecaster.

The complete interview is on @omanobserver Sound Cloud.