When the wife is away


The other day, I got a call from my mother-in-law complaining about how I have taken it to myself to enchain her daughter – the mother of junior. The lady was particularly concerned about her daughter getting very few opportunities to go and visit her parents and relatives.
She is accusing me of turning her daughter from being a wife into a slave girl. I have no grudge with my in-laws but every time the mother of junior mentions something like going to visit her folks, my mind gets completely disorganized. I know, without her in the house, it would not be easy. That fear of being home alone would strike like lightning. Security: maybe not. She couldn’t render much on this one but who is going to take care of the laundry? Who is going to wash the dishes, take the meat out of the freezer for lunch the following day? Who is going to iron the clothes, put the clothes into the washer? I mean the big question is ‘who is going to contrive the house?’
But in the name of playing the good boy and a husband whose good name has gone beyond the land of our tribe, I decided to grant the mother of Junior some leave to go and visit her parents and her relatives. I had to do that to assure all her relatives that they have nothing to regret when they agreed to give me their daughter to marry.
Although our house has been beautifully designed to the extent of being made a sanctuary for us to live in, the fear of being home alone was explicit. But as a man, I took it as a challenge, allowed her to go and off she went.
I was left alone in the house with the kids. She had made all the necessary arrangements for me to have as much comfort as possible. Every item was well arranged, placed and easy to reach. There were ample food and all the basic needs. As a man, I wouldn’t ask for anything more.
But it is not the same when the lady of the house is around and when she is not. When she is gone for some reason and you are left alone then that is when you really feel her absence. No matter having everything in the house, you become critical of everything including yourself which leaves your heart feeling down and your head going around. You then get to believe that being around your other half helps to cheer you up even when depressed.
But being home alone could be advantageous because you might enjoy some freedom. For that period when you are wifeless, you at least get to miss experiencing those abrupt outbursts when she has had a tough day at home with the kids and with the housework. What would happen is that after so much tension in the office, you get to release your stress in a quiet and cool environment. You just let the air conditioner on and let the feeling of coolness enshroud the place.
But living in a wifeless house can stress you out and in turn, raise your blood pressure and increase your risk of getting a heart attack or even becoming hypertensive. Your own home becomes a place of insecurity and anxiety especially when you start to miss things that both of you share like that favourite delicious type of food. When you are used to some eating habits, getting a different taste could be a challenge. When the type of food you are used to is not available, you indulge in unhealthy diet especially if you are a useless cook like the father of junior.
Your sleep gets disrupted more so if you and your partner have always been synchronising sleep by going to bed and getting up at the same time. If the lady of the house is not around, you can’t get that normal peaceful sleep. All wives are called upon to realise their importance and have some sympathy and try to always be around and avoid deserting their husbands unless it is really necessary. Have a nice weekend!