When it goes beyond human power…!

As the rate of COVID-19 infections is fluctuating in the Sultanate, the world is expecting a second wave of the pandemic.
So frustrating and strange what is happening with this coronavirus as the mysterious secret behind it is yet to be discovered! The battle is certainly unfair between the virus and the warriors in hospitals all around the world.
Doctors and nurses are on an aggressive fight with the virus, sparing no effort to help coronavirus patients, while striving to protect themselves too.
Nobody knows how worse the next round of this pandemic would be, especially with the latest announcement of a potential second attack! Even doctors were almost clueless and frightened when started dealing with the virus and infected people at the very early days of the pandemic. The rapid spread of this highly contagious disease right from the beginning pressed the emergency alarm button calling healthcare sectors to be ready for the battle.
Initially, the positive cases of COVID-19 were only found in people who had a history of international travel. Hence, the situation was somehow under control at that time, but it got worse afterwards with the infection spreading among others. The increasing deaths of infected patients made it even worse and worked as a psychological source of threat. The situation worldwide got awfully complicated, spreading fear and tension.
It was not easy at all; even medical staff had panicked and realised how big would be the sacrifice! Undoubtedly, most of them have never had a good night sleep due to the day and night shifts, all-week-round calls and never had time with their families. However, definitely they make these sacrifices with no regret for the sake of saving patients’ life. All what they say deep down in their hearts is “we won’t rest until the virus is defeated and human lives are saved”.
Generally, medical staff acquire strength from their belief in pain as a temporary challenge, which may last for a minute, an hour, a day or a year, but eventually it will disappear and something good will take its place.
They always try to live by these words as many lives depend on what they do on various cases at hospitals. With all the stress and panic, they hold all their own tears and start drawing smiles on patients’ faces. May the Almighty Allah bless all doctors and nurses for sacrificing their lives, time and effort, day and night all round the year!
In contrast, despite all what humans did to combat the spread of coronavirus, the battle is not yet over with all the attempts made worldwide! What happened to those wise people and experts?! Did not they think they have all the answers? Did not the Almighty Allah show that the wisdom of this world is worthless and incompetent without His power? Allah, the Creator of everything, is the sole possessor of all beings and power of the whole universe.
Yes, all medical staff work hard in saving lives in hospitals and experts leave no stone unturned looking for a vaccine to defeat this virus. However, in addition to all the sacrifices and efforts that humans are making to fight the virus, they need the power of Allah to support them to win the battle. It could be a reminder for all of us to revert to Allah, God, as the Creator of universe and seek His support.
All should remember that this pandemic could be a test from Allah and a lesson to all humans that we all belong to one another. Possibly, it is a serious call to stop wars, discrimination and colonisation between people and nations. It could be the time to work towards having mercy, peace and prosperity. Otherwise, humans will come across more hardships and only Allah can change the most hopeless situation into the best moment in your life.


Abdulaziz Al Jahdhami