What’s up with your Status?


If you have always wanted to really understand any person’s nature, attitude, behaviour, mood or way of life, it is now easier than ever before. Just go and visit his/her WhatsApp Status.
In case you don’t know, WhatsApp Status is an application that allows users to share text, photos and videos with others. These will disappear after 24 hours unless the owner removes them before the time elapses.
Many users do set WhatsApp status according to their personality, thinking and the way they lead their lives. So next time you become curious to seek one’s inner personal information and really know the hidden elements of his nature, just simply go and view his or her status.
It is here that you will see how people show their attitude because it shows that they need an attitude to impress you. Believe me, behind every status there is a secret message for someone.
If you go and visit statuses, you will see messages like “Stop checking my status! Go get a Life!” Or you will see someone has posted a message to tell all others that he/she is always calm and silent by saying “Coins always make sound but the currency notes are always silent”. One will post a motivational message telling you that “If people are trying to bring you ‘Down’, it only means that you are ‘Above them.’
In terms of Information Technology, the word status is actually meant to indicate whether you are available or busy or offline. So the idea is that if a person is online, he can update him/herself as Available; if he/she is busy, he/she might update as busy or if he/she changes the number, he/she might update as ‘call me’.
But as days passed, people have changed the meaning of status entirely and have started putting some proverbs, attitude quotes, wishing someone for anniversary or birthday etc. Status was meant to help you show others in what situation you are in; like online or available or busy or driving etc. But these days, we see status which has lost the meaning of itself.
But that has brought a blessing in disguise as it has now become the way and the means to know people inside out. You will know the moods of others no matter the distance. When someone is lonely, you will see loneliness type of status, if one is angry that will show in his status. If he is food-minded, you will see him posting food pictures. It is on WhatsApp status that you will know people are celebrating birthdays, anniversary and if you read carefully you will understand that a break up is happening between couples.
If you want to know if someone is creative or not just visit his/her WhatsApp status. If you want to know those who are business oriented go to WhatsApp status. If you see one posting indices and market share information know that he/she is a ‘money matters’ person. These days many use the so-called status to let others know of an occurrence of a birth or a death in the family. Religious people will post messages on faith. Friday greetings come in rapidly and widely. Some wives go that extra mile and post their husband’s photos with a love slogan. Without a doubt, there are many whose status remains unutilized but the most interesting individuals are those that have taken it up to themselves to ensure that they are the first to view whatever is posted in the status. Post one thing and within seconds you will see hundreds have already viewed it. Some will ignore, others will comment and others will ask you to share.
Lastly, we have status posts from people who seem to have a living aspiration to entertain others, primarily to make them laugh. The moment you access their status, you start to laugh. The look on status does little to hide the expectation; that of a funny post. Every time they post a thing, they are sure to get a number of eager viewers. It does not matter whether their posts are true or false, what matters is to make you laugh. Have a nice weekend!