What we need is the hunger to win – ‘I can too’

So the World Cup 2018 has come to a close with France winning it beautifully and Croatia generating within each one of us inspiration – “I can too”.
Both of them had reasons to win. But the best of the day had to win. For France it is after 20 years. The team is youthful, so there might be energy but where did the right moves come from? A coach can give best guidance but what about the decisions for executing the right move?
It brought about a lot of thoughts – the importance of right guidance for tactics, practising discipline and having patience. Well, like any other games, we cannot predict the outcome with football as well. However, the three points — tactics, discipline and patience can be applied in life at any point.
The sheer passion and perseverance was fascinating to watch. Needless to say, a learning experience because we are walking away with emotions which are common to all humans, no matter where we are from.
It is great to win and isn’t this the very factor that makes us take sides to cheer the team even if we are not from the respective countries. While France was already considered the one to walk away with the cup because of their performance in this season as well as the fact they have held the trophy before, there was an urge somewhere in the hearts of many to see Croatia win because they have been showing that streak of raw energy and the zest to win and give their best.
There is something in us that looks out for success stories. May be we all have the hunger to win but on a typical day, where are we going to find the challenge?
Think again, there are tens of things we have pushed aside because we have given up on them or have not even checked out whether we have the potential or we have simply given up. Could it be that we just changed our priorities? One thing is for sure — it is definitely good for our brain to continue to learn new things and stay competitive.
The usual comment is — “Where do I have the time?”
But we must just find the time to learn something or do something different. It is so easy for us to fit into a pattern or go with the flow. Going with the flow is a peaceful approach, but can it be the easiest approach?
Maybe we do not need to reinvent the wheel, but is it not fun to approach a destination from a different route? You might just be able to see something new or experience a new day in the most unusual way.
So we read books and watch movies to take a break from our lives or explore a new view, but how often do we dare to have a conversation with strangers?
Come to think of it, talking to a stranger in a train or flight makes us realise how easy it is to have a conversation filled with your own opinions and life’s experiences. We are not afraid of being judged or reminded of the consequences if we were to talk about the same subjects with a family member or a friend. When the train stops, there ends the conversation.
The World Cup 2018 must have brought together a lot of strangers in one place. They cheered together and might have cried together. It would be a lifelong memory — an enriching experience they can think about for years to come.
Maybe your favourite team might have won or may not have won, but for sure we enjoyed good football.
As for Croatia, I am sure the best is yet to come.

Lakshmi Kothaneth