What to do if you have covid-19 symptoms?

Muscat: What shall I do next, if I suspect I have or any of my friends have the symptoms resembling the Coronavirus?

This is a question being asked by everyone these days for they are not sure what to do or who to approach in such cases.

Keep aside the worries. Letting the belief that one must immediately visit the hospital for treatment, the Ministry of Health (MoH) has said that one need not go to the hospital unless the severity of the symptoms worsens.

“One need not go to the hospital unless the severity of the symptoms worsens or you feel shortness of breath, which usually happens on the second week of the disease and in that case, one can call the call center (24441999) for help,” a circular from the MoH has said.

“Self- isolation is the most effective precautionary measure to tackle the spread and to safeguard both himself and the people around him.”

Primary Health Centers (PHC’s) are all equipped to receive such cases where the patient needs preliminary examination.

“The primary Health care is our frontline post serving the public. Its prime role in cases of outbreak cannot be overemphasised,” Dr Mohammed bin Saif al Hosni, Undersecretary at the Ministry of Health told the Observer.

“These PHC’s will receive all patients and channel them according to the preset pathways. In addition they play an outstanding role in cases carrying out identification and contact tracing”, the Undersecretary added.