We should all walk in his footsteps

Ayoub al Oufi –

When he became the Sultan he changed all of Oman, ‏because before 1970 Omanis did’t know about the outside world, and no one knew about them except they were searching for work throughout the Gulf to support their families in difficult times. So when His Majesty Sultan Qaboos ruled he called for all the Omanis to come home, and promised that he will change Oman to be a better place, a better country.
And he did change Oman to a better place and people felt very safe during his rule. He Implemented the idea of peaceful coexistence to help each other, saying it doesn’t matter what is your tribal name, your position, your location, or if you are poor or rich, you are Omani. The people liked this way, and they start to do the same that means when problems happen, they solve them peacefully, not with sticks and stones.
Also he said that we will build Oman together and that gave the people the confidence that they are participating in developing their country as one people. He also focused on the young people making their way to find opportunities easier for them to take part in developing the country, but to reach that, they have to work hard. Basically in Oman if you needed help you could just ask anyone to help you and they would.
We don’t participate in the political problems outside our borders, making Oman and its people friends to everyone, and when Omanis travel abroad they don’t have to worry of someone treating them in a bad way because HM Sultan Qaboos made sure that Omanis don’t face trouble by staying out of these conflicts, and intruding only for humanitarian reasons.
How can you blame us of loving him so much a person who gave his whole life to his country and its people? Wherever you go, and wherever you are you are safe. You can leave your car open no one will steal it. You lose your wallet and someone will hold it safe for you to give it back.
You needn’t be afraid of sleeping anywhere there is no harm ‏ will come to you, and many more examples find in your daily life that are proof of how Sultan Qaboos changed Oman. So during the past 50 years he became like a father to us,‏ every Omani has this feeling to HM Sultan Qaboos.
When he passed away every Omani was in shock. We never saw our elders crying, men and women, children, there were empty roads, silent houses, empty streets, sad people, it was raining like the sky was crying. What a pain from the separation of the most precious person, from his people. Sultan Qaboos chose his successor, HM Sultan Haitham bin Tarik, and he was the best and only choice, and that his will shows how his ways will live on, and how, even after death, he has demonstrated a unique wisdom. HM Sultan Haitham says that none can be the same as Sultan Qaboos, but he will try to walk in his footsteps, and the people understand that he will follow the good path, so the people welcomed him with open arms.
None will ever forget HM Sultan Qaboos, he is in our hearts ‏and we must reflect his ways and his deeds for his memory to live on.
The author works at the Salut Archaeological Park near Adam. The son of a farmer and former civil servant, he still lives with his parents, and says his aim in life is, “to be a good Omani,” and to “dream big, because dreams are free.”