Spotlight: Water Mountain

There are plenty of reasons to visit Salalah, stay there and explore its beauty. People generally make a quick-see approach to cover important tourist spots and end up visiting Salalah’s signature destinations like Wadi Darbat in the East, Mughsail in West and some small and big water springs in between both the destinations.
Such visitors think that there is nothing important beyond Wadi Darbat, Mughsail, and Hafa Souk. They are thoroughly mistaken, as a little more effort may take them to Hasik, which is scintillating due to one of the most pleasurable drives amid scenic beauties of sea and mountain, which have physical evidences of merging together at many points.
They are puzzled over the nature’s sense of art, its scale, colour combination and intricate carvings on the stones all through the journey from Sadah to Hasik.
And a sudden encounter with metres long waterfall catches everyone’s attention. Most of the unknown visitors make a screeching halt to get a view of this waterfall, which again would have been a creation of two major cyclones — Mekunu and Luban — that had passed through Salalah in August and October 2018 respectively.
“I am yet to see Salalah as I am coming from Muscat by road. It is really amazing to see a waterfall just in front of the sea… that too in a country surrounded by deserts,” said German tourist Mark who is currently on Oman visit along with his daughter.
He was in a hurry to go to Salalah, which is some 190 km from Hasik, but made it a point before leaving that “Oman is an amazing place with so much of nature, and its people are so welcoming!”
The coast is full of different landscapes, large beaches and high cliffs near the sea. There are plenty of reasons to visit and enjoy, said another tourist from some other country.
“Drivers need to be careful because there are chances of them being distracted by the nature’s beauty. There is a point where a piece of stone looks like an old man sitting facing the sea and there are others which look like large fishes or some other marine creatures,” said an Italian tourist, who came to Salalah in one of the charter services being operated in the winter season.
The place also gives enormous opportunities to those who love adventure tourism. There are hidden wadis (canals) and trekking sites for which one needs a guide, who knows the entry and exit points of such places.
No doubt that Hasik has huge mineral deposits of several kinds, which are created in thousands of years. It is quite interesting to visit and know about Hasik.