Watch what you wear; dress modestly

Muscat, June 13 –

Dress modestly at community iftar gatherings or public places such as shopping malls or parks in reverence to the holy month of Ramadhan, says the Ministry of Awqaf and Religious Affairs.
A senior ministry official made this request following complaints that people are “dressing inappropriately” at iftar gatherings as well as shopping malls.
“Dress appropriately and respect the Islamic values of the country. One should respect the sanctity of the month,” said the official.
Leading shopping centres have put up signages asking people to dress modestly. “We request customers to dress modestly; any uncivilised dressing / appearance will not be tolerated,” said the manager of a leading shopping mall.
“We have placed a notice board asking all customers to be reserved in their dressing and behaviour, for it is a matter of reciprocating respect and esteem to religious beliefs.”
Social media is awash with tips on “modest dressing” in the country. Says one of the posts, “Dress decently in public during the holy month; it applies when you are attending an iftar gathering at hotel or home. Cover up at public beaches or swimming pools. No revealing swimming outfits. If you are in a private beach or pool (resort or hotel), then normal swimwear is recommended. Ensure you are covered appropriately during a workout.”
“We request all our guests to dress appropriately at iftar gatherings since it is a religious and spiritual gathering; one should respect the believers’ feelings,” the manager of a star hotel told the Observer.
“I personally feel there should be a campaign on modest dressing in the country and this holds great importance in the holy month,” said Hamoud al Badi, a ministerial staff.
“People are treating iftar gatherings like any other social event and pay least attention to those fasting. Show respect to the country. Refrain from wearing revealing or tight clothes throughout the month,” he added.