Waste management service takeover in Dhahirah presented

MUSCAT: As part of be’ah’s preparations for its waste management service takeover in Al Dhahirah Governorate on February 1, the executive management at be’ah held a meeting with Shaikh Saif Humiar al Malik al Shuhi, Governor of Al Dhahirah, and members of Shura and Municipal Councils in Ibri to present the service takeover plan in Al Dhahirah. Shaikh Mohammed Sulaiman al Harthy, EVP of Strategic Development in be’ah presented be’ah’s strategy for waste management after the service takeover from Ministry of Regional Municipalities and Water Resources (MRMWR).

Ahmed Mohammed al Sabahi, Head of Municipal Solid Waste Planning at be’ah, presented the technical aspects and timelines of which the waste management operations in Al Dhahirah will commence and gradually be transferred to be’ah from MRMWR. Al Sabahi clarified the role of the international operator of Al Ramooz National Veolia in providing the service, which starts from a radius of 20 metres around the waste containers and is transported to an engineered landfill in Ibri. Al Sabahi also emphasised the importance of community outreach, awareness and environmental education. It is necessary to mention that the waste management infrastructure in Al Dhahirah Governorate includes an engineered landfill and a waste segregation facility in Ibri.