Warning for Filipino workers in Oman

The Philippines Embassy in Oman has warned Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) in the Sultanate from investing in any virtual or cryptocurrency that claim to be having the government support.

Similar to a warning that was issued to OFWs in Syria, the Philippines Embassy said the Digital Currency’s ‘Philippine Global Coin’ has been aiming at OFWs for investment.
The statement said, “In light of reports received by Philippine government authorities on a partnership allegedly entered into by the Philippine Senate and Digital Currency, Co (DCC), the Philippine Embassy in the Sultanate of Oman informs the Filipino community that the Senate wholly denies the existence of the supposed partnership and firmly denounces any and all claims of senate participation in such venture.”

The embassy added, “Please be informed that any claim that the senate has entered into partnership with DCC – a function that beyond senate’s mandate is plainly false and patently misleading.

“The DCC is marketing the Philippine Global Coin as an initiative of the Philippine government, enticing Overseas Filipino Workers in particular as investors,” the statement said.