Ingredients (Serves 2)
120 g pan seared duck breast
40 g Lychee can cut into half
30 g Red onion, slices
20 g Tomato cherry, cut half
15 g Red chili slices
5 g Coriander leaves
Honey coriander dressing

Pan Seared
Duck Breast
Season duck breasts with salt. Make sure to have more salt on the skin side and light on the flesh side.
In a cold saute pan, sear the duck skin side down.
In a low to medium-low fire, press the duck breasts down for 5 minutes until you see bubbles. If fat is silent or not oozing out, adjust the heat until the skin is golden brown.
Remove duck from pan and set aside to rest.

Honey coriander
dressing preparation
15 g Honey
10 g Light soya sauce
15 g Lemon juice
8 g Fish sauce
5 g Palm sugar
15 g Balsamic vinegar
8 g Hoisin sauce
Salt to taste
Garlic, chili and coriander chopped

Blend all the ingredients and ready to use

Final Preparation
In a mixing bowl, combine the slices of duck breast, Lychee, onion, rec chili and coriander leaves with Honey coriander dressing.
Mix well and arrange on the desired platter