War games set to begin

Muscat: General Sultan bin Mohammed al Numani, Minister of the Royal Office visited the field commands taking part in Al Shumookh 2 and Al Saif Al Sareea 3 (Swift Sword 3) war games. The visit included the Command of Mudarraat Sultan Oman (the Sultan of Oman Armours), the Command of the 23rd Infantry Brigade and the Command of the Sultan Special Force (SSF). The Minister of the Royal Office was received by Brigadier Khalifa bin Zahir al Sabri, Commander of the Sultan of Oman Armours. General Al Numani was briefed on the roles of the armours at the two exercises as well as the operational duties and assignments.
He also visited the Field Command of the 23rd Infantry Brigade and was received by Brigadier Abdullah bin Mohammed al Shraiqi, Commander of the 23rd Infantry Brigade. He was briefed on the plans and preparations for the subsequent stages of the two exercises, as well as the measures that will be taken to address the hypothetical hindrances. Minister of the Royal Office also visited the field command of the Sultan Special Forces and was received by Maj Gen A’mer bin Salim al Amri, Commander of the SSF. He was briefed on the roles played by the SSFs. The Sultan’s Armed Forces (SAF) and other military and security services completed the main stage of war games. The land forces have moved to their combat formations and units to the targeted areas to engage with the hypothetical enemy.
Simultaneously, the air force provided the air cover and direct support to the movements of the land and marine forces at the operation theatre. The air force transported a number of weapons and equipment using helicopters to provide the needed support to the troops at the land operation theatre and enable them to carry out their combat duties at the front lines as per the exercise plan. On its part, the navy vessels transported part of the land forces.
To ensure success of the military operations, the police personnel taking part in the exercise played a role in maintaining order, imposing curfew and controlling roads and public properties. It also played a role in combing coasts and operating patrols to serve the mission of the joint commander at the operations theatre. — ONA