Want bread or cake? Enjoy it with the blossom

Inspired by the global trend of going floral, one bakery that opened recently right at the heart of Qurum will give you all the Instagram feels.
Cause the concept is exactly that — every corner and every food item on the menu is conveniently made ready to become viral on your social media feed.
‘Roselle’ took months of planning and execution and strategically located at Al Wilaj Street right next to Wagamama and the CCC Complex, this local initiative has all the potential to become a landmark.

“In our travels all over the world, we had been inspired by the floral concept which was sweeping London and the rest of the world. You can see it everywhere, from saloons to restaurants and other retail businesses,” Jannat Shafaei, Marketing Director of Bin Mirza, shared.
In total, Jannat estimated that they may have used over 10k flowers of pink, red and purple hues not only from the arch that welcomes buyers all the way to one corner wall of the room that has been filled to the brim with the blossom.
“It is our first homegrown business that we started from scratch. It is a bakery cafe — a dream for us — and banks on over a decade of experience of managing international franchise,” she said.
“Everything here is freshly baked. We have our daily roasts which we provided our own twists and with many varieties to choose from,” she said.

“The food is an important and amazing part of the bakery. We have flavours that are not commonly found among cakes — we have rose, pistachios among others and many local flavours that reach out to the residents of Oman,” she said.
“We have lavender croissants, cheese bars — varieties that change over the course of the day. We have breakfast items, we have toasts with sausages and hotdogs and pizzas for evening or lunch. My personal favourite for the cakes are the pistachio and the rose and on the bread, I love the pizza and cinnamon logs and cheese buns,” she said.
Making sure that the products are relatable to their buyers, their cake items are named after girls.
“We have a variety of names, from Yuri which is of Japanese origin to Eman, Mariah, Danah and our mother’s day cake is Fatma, the purpose for it is for them to relate to the product. The name selection process is quite complex but right now we are going with the popular ones,” she explained.
While one would immediately think that it’s a bakery targeting women, Jannat is the first one to clarify that men aren’t purposely excluded in fact it makes it easier for them to surprise their loved ones with their offerings.
Roselle is open daily from 8 am to 11 pm.