Wahat Ateen Project major boost to khareef tourism

The Ministry of Tourism is consistently working on improving the existing facilities in the Governorate of Dhofar and introducing new projects to meet the demands of tourists during the khareef season.
The recently concluded Wahat Ateen project is a step in this direction. The project stretches over 150,000 square km and is located in Ateen plain — a popular tourism destination for visitors during khareef — that includes various entertainment options and services.
Pleasing to the eye, the project has been designed in spectacular geometric shapes to reflect the beauty of the natural landscapes surrounding it.
The Wahat Ateen project is eco-friendly and constructed using natural stones.
The project also comprises trees and plants that are watered using modern agricultural methods.
It is noteworthy that a thorough study was conducted before the implantation of the project, to explore the various types of plants that could be used at the site.
Several imported plants are thus a part of the beautiful collection of plants found at Wahat Ateen.
Wahat Ateen boasts of picturesque highlands, bridges, and passages — all of which provide breathtaking views.
Wahat Ateen has 10 grilling stations that are maintained regularly to help cook and eat, as well as serve delicious traditional Omani food.
The grilling stations also provide an additional source of income to families in the region. Keeping health as top priority, the local slaughterhouse is at the same location as the grilling stations so that the meat that is cooked by the families and visitors is both fresh and safe.
Several family restaurants that serve grilled Omani food specialties are also part of the landscape.
For the benefit of visitors and campers, Wahat Ateen also has several wooden shacks at Ateen plain, as well as wide yards that can be used for a variety of purposes.
In keeping in mind the culture and heritage of the region — Wahat Ateen’s gates are inspired from Arab and Islamic architecture.
Wahat Ateen also has a long walkway overlooking panoramic views set in a refreshing and relaxing environment.
For fitness freaks, it has outdoor sporting equipment.
Wahat Ateen offers playgrounds and a variety of activities for children of all ages.
In order to provide children with a natural playing environment, the playgrounds have been constructed using beach sand.
The grounds also have specially designated areas for parents, from where they can keep an eye on their children as they play. — ONA