Wadi Kabir industrial area, Hamriyah lockdown to be lifted from Sunday

Muscat: Dr Ahmed al Saeedi, Minister of Health, on Thursday said health institutions in the Sultanate may reach a stage where they cannot absorb more cases that require treatment if citizen and residents continue to ignore social distancing and health guidelines. He urged everyone in the country to abide by with precautionary measures to stop the spread of the virus.

The minister was speaking during the 11th press conference of the Supreme Committee.

Dr Ahmed al Saeedi, Minister of Health

“Lack of compliance with health procedures and social distancing caused an increase in the number of cases recently. The epidemic is on the rise, and the responsibility relies on the society. People are requested to abide by with precautionary measures,” said the Minister.

Minister of Health also added that the government has no indication that the opening of some commercial activities caused an increase in the number of coronavirus cases in the Sultanate.

1,796 people have been hospitalized since the beginning of the pandemic.

“Companies should take care of the safety of their employees first and then that of the visitors. Institutions should prevent any employee from coming to work if he suffers from any symptoms of the virus. Some restrictions will be put in place to determine whether people with chronic diseases can come to work or not, added the Minister”.

Answering a question from a journalist, the Minister said the decision to close the Governorate of Dhofar is under review and changes can be made if needed. He clarified that the decision to extend or end the closure of some tourist areas will be taken by the Supreme Committee in its meetings.

“People who have been hospitalized due to Covid-19 are no more than 7% of the total cases. Resuming of some activities does not mean the end of restrictions on public gatherings and decisions must be strictly obeyed,” the Health Minister urged.

Other highlights from the press conference

Minister of Health: The total donation in the Covid Response Account is approximately RO31 million

Minister of Health: There are offers for foreign investment in the private health sector in the Sultanate.

Minister of Health: Avoiding reaching the stage of danger depends not only on the health and governmental sector, but it the role of every individual and every institution

Minister of Health: We praise the cooperation of the private health sector in a virus crisis and it continues until now.

Minister of Health: There is no specific date for opening mosques as saving lives of the people comes first.

Minister of Health: Oman The Sultanate uses accredited inspection devices with a accuracy rate of more than 98%.

Minister of Health: There are pressures to use the rapid testing devices but that need to be reviewed, as we use the internationally approved PCR tests.

The Minister of Health: The ICU beds are compatible with the number of patients, and we have the intention to expand to other institutions. We also seek to attract talents to operate the ICUs

Minister of Health: If cases continue to increase, we may resort to opening field hospitals and we seek not to do so. We hope not to reach a stage of making a a choice between the cases that we provide health care

The number of cases among health workers is 450, including two in the intensive care unit

There is no shortage of medicines in our health institutions

The total donation to the Covid Response Account as of yesterday was RO31, 622, 000 of which RO26, 124, 000 have been spent

Covid examinations at private health institutions must comply with the requirements of the Ministry of Health

There are offers for foreign investment in the private health sector in the Sultanate.

Dr Saif al Abri, Director General of Diseases Surveillance and Control

Dr Saif al Abri, Director General of Diseases Surveillance and Control,  said the nature of society in Seeb is different from Muttrah. Authorities have taken many measures that are similar to what was taken in Muttrah but at the level of factories and companies.

“We have conducted about 172,000 Covid-19 tests nationwide since the beginning of the pandemic. 438 cases were registered in Dhofar Governorate as of yesterday. Of these, 102 are Omanis, and 336 are non-Omanis. A total of 80 residents are in institutional isolation in Salalah Al-Wusta,” added Dr Saif.

Other highlights

Dr Saif al Abri: Wadi Kabir industrial area, Hamriyah to open from Sunday – timings 7 am – 6pm with holidays on Thursday and Friday. Muttrah Souq remains closed.

Dr. Saif Al-Abri: It was agreed between GCC countries on a unified framework for the mechanism of citizens and residents’ movement between these countries

Dr. Saif Al-Abri: Wilayat of Al-Seeb registers about 25% of the total number of cases in the Sultanate. Most infections are reported among Omanis due to population density and social contact between people.

Dr. Huda Al Khalili: The total number of ICU patients with Covid-19 at Royal Hospital are 44

Dr Ahmed al Futaisi, Minister of Transport

Dr Ahmed al Futaisi, Minister of Transport, said the decision on the return of air traffic has not been taken yet, and talks are underway. The decision will be announced in due course, noting that there are continuous movement of special flights for repatriation and air cargo.

“There are countries that still have not opened up their airports, while some nations ask for health requirements, including the health isolation of arriving passengers,” added Transport minister.

Minister of Transport: Facilities for entering the Sultanate by land are prepared at the borders and the report will be presented to the Supreme Committee

Efforts have made by Oman Air and Oman Airports to reduce expenses, and it has been possible to reduce at least 40% of the annual normal operating cost, the minister clarified.

Minister of Transport: 85% of the commercial activities have been opened, 100% of the factories are also open. Measures in place to avoid their closure again

Minister of Transprot: We plan to impose stringent fines, restrictions and monitoring mechanisms


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