Wadi Bani Omar to get check dam

Muscat, Sept 18 – The Ministry of Regional Municipalities and Water Resources is constructing a check dam in Wadi Bani Omar village in Saham. The project, which is expected to increase groundwater storage, is constructed as per technical standards set by dams department at the ministry due to its significance in feeding vast farms stretched across the village. A number of officials paid a field visit to inspect work process at the spot. They were briefed on people’s main demands that would contribute to best quality of water services. The wali of the wilayat said, “The Mahdam dam is one of the prominent civil projects that would help enhance groundwater storage. We encourage such civil initiatives that instil the concept of voluntary work.” Khalid bin Rashid al Mamari, an Omani citizen, said: “The Sultanate, especially mountainous areas, suffer from water scarcity. So we decided to set up a new check dam.”