Visitors to Salalah prefer road over air

Muscat: Around 68 percent of 88,231 visitors to Salalah (as of July 16, 2019) arrived by road, according to official statistics.

A total of 1,497 Qatar nationals, followed by 8,000 Saudis, 5,377 Emiratis, 44,812 Omanis, 8,084 (Arab Nationals), 1,039 Bahrainis, 1,168 Kuwaitis, 1,287 Europeans, and 10,275 Asians dominated the 88,231 to Salalah.

It may be noted that 35 hotels in the province of Dhofar 4,179 rooms will be receiving tourists this Khareef.

Airfares to Salalah from Muscat are in the range of RO25 and RO122 depending on the dates and flight timings.

The total recorded number of visitors arriving in the Sultanate this year till the end of May is 1.4 million.

Among them are 187,000 total cruise ship visitors, a 48 percent increase from last year during the same period of time.

Of the 1.4 million visitors, 478,471 were GCC nationals, followed by 161,174 from Indian, 100,673 from German, from 80,608 UK, and 44,946 from Italy.

Among the cruise ship visitors, 68,976 were German nationals, followed by 21,886 from UK, 16,274 from Italy, 10,341 from Spain and 8,264 from the US.

The three to five-star hotels reported RO104 million in revenues from 756,000 guests until the end of May 2018.

Oman Observer