Visitors hail facilities at festival venues

908523By Staff Reporter — MUSCAT: Jan 24 – Muscat Municipality on Tuesday had to suspend all activities of Muscat Festival due to wet conditions that prevailed all over the city since morning. An official at Muscat Municipality told the Observer that the events will resume on Wednesday at  4pm, subject to weather forecast. Meanwhile visitors to the festival at Amirat Park hailed the facilities offered by the authorities, which has improved considerably since it was held for the first time a few years ago. “The biggest change has been the easing of traffic congestion and parking woes at the facility. It is easy to move in and out of the venue with the opening of flyovers last year. This has made me make multiple visits to the venue,” said Sanoj Prabha, resident of Ghubra.

“We use the Bausher and Amirat road, which makes me return home within 30 minutes after the venue. Naseem Park was still a challenge last year but it you can quickly once we connect to the Muscat Expressway towards Muscat,” said Prabha. Nasima, a citizen had a different take on the Muscat Festival. “It is becoming an entertainment and 908521cultural event platform. I don’t want to compare with similar such events in other cities, but I feel there should more private and corporate participation.” The corporate should not restrict their participation to setting up stalls and some sponsorship. They should offer incentives to the visitors such as raffle draws, gift or discount vouchers.”

She appreciated some of the new features such as Tropical Rainforest and Paintball at Naseem Gardens. “This is arguably the biggest event of Oman that brings the entire population of Muscat and nearby at one place and we should make more it more high-profile,” she said. “It is a good event and I feel they should add one more venue with totally different and unique programmes. More prizes should be also welcome,” said Bader, who is yet to visit Naseem Park event this year.