Vision 2040 Office discusses key issues with OCCI

MUSCAT: The Oman Vision 2040 Office organised a meeting at the Supreme Council for Planning with entrepreneurs, businessmen and members of Oman Chamber of Commerce and Industry (OCCI). The meeting aimed to introduce them to Oman Vision 2040, the flow of work, and to discuss the strategic directions and objectives that were the outputs of a number of communication initiatives across the Sultanate. Talal bin Suleiman al Rahbi, Head of the Technical Committee in Oman Vision 2040, said, “The participation of entrepreneurs, businessmen and OCCI members on Tuesday is essential to contribute to Oman Vision 2040 participation goals.
“It is worth mentioning that there has been a continuous collaboration between OCCI and the Supreme Council for Planning, that we can see in the presence of OCCI in many initiatives of Oman Vision 2040.” He also stated, “The first execution plan of the vision will kick off in 2021, while some of the initiatives and outputs can be executed in 2019 and 2020.” Khalid bin Ali al Sunaidy, Head of Oman Vision 2040 Office, presented a brief introductory presentation on Oman Vision 2040, its work phases, participatory approach and communication initiatives.
The event also included a speech by Qais bin Mohammed al Yousuf, OCCI Chairman, a presentation on Oman Vision 2040 pillars (people and society, economy and development, and governance and institutional performance), where Dr Amal bint Said al Busaidy, Ahmed bin Ali al Mukhaini, and Khalid bin Suleiman al Siyabi, delivered presentations on the strategic directions and key issues of each pillar consecutively.
Ali bin Bakhit Kushoob said, “Taking part in this meeting is first of all a national obligation that we are all entitled to, reflecting the communal participation in formulating the nation’s objectives.
“As I see, the economy and development pillar is essential as it plays a major role in affecting other pillars and sectors.
“Such meetings should be held frequently between the government and the other segments of society for a better future for all sectors.”
Fatma bint Jameel al Shabibi, a businesswomen, said, “Such meetings reinforce the connection between the different sectors and help the business people exchange suggestions and ideas with the government sector. Also, they provide the support we need to overcome the challenges we face in the commerce industry.”
It is worth to mention that this meeting is part of a series of meetings Oman Vision 2040 Office had been holding with the different sectors in order to involve all society segments in formulating Oman Vision 2040.