Video: Life in Muttrah post lockdown

The lock down of Muttrah was lifted on Sunday after three months of health isolation.  While the checkpoints have been removed at entries to Muttrah, the Muttrah Souq remains closed.

However the shop owners and shop keepers expressed their keenness and readiness to start back the operations.

“People are educated about Covid_19 now and they are aware about the importance of wearing the mask and gloves while maintaining two meter distance between the shoppers,” said Kabeer N, from Bangladesh who also added that his colleagues and friends are eager to go back to work.

Rashid A from India who also works at Muttrah Souq said, “We all know how special Muttrah Souq is for the whole of Oman and we are ready to get back into action.  Some of the shop owners came to open the shops in the morning on Sunday but authorities requested them to close the shops.  These are the shops outside the Muttrah Souq.

Muttrah Souq has been continuously evolving especially with the special care and attention given by the Muscat Municipality.

The Directorate of Grand Muttrah is the smallest in size among other municipality directorates yet has the highest density of population.

The citizens and residents of Muttrah are waiting patiently to get back to normalcy even though they know there will be many changes once they open their shops and services.

“We know we also have to register the customers and ensure their safety,” Rashid added.

The once bustling Muttrah which often has slow traffic due to the number of vehicles and shoppers during pre pandemic days remained calm with few cars driving through.  The parking spaces on the Sea Front road remain barricaded.  Watch the video for more.