Video: A resident narrates personal Covid-19 experience, loss

Muscat: A resident, Keyur  Kumar, who recovered from Covid-19 after he was admitted to the hospital in the capital, narrates his personal experience and more importantly the big personal loss.

Among the initial Covid-19 cases, Kumar is likely to have got infected hours or days before the government decided to close all commercial establishments in the country.

Giving details, Kumar said, “Hours before the implementation of the decision to close all commercial stores. We rushed to our shop selling fabrics in Muttrah. On that day and also the preceding two days, we had lots of customers. I also traveled to deliver some outside orders and receive payments. The shop is very close to home and I did not travel to distant places at that time. I am not sure whether I got the infection from the currency notes in my pocket or from direct contact with people who came to my shop.”

He added, The next day I began to experience symptoms of fever and fatigue, and despite all the warnings, I just went to the pharmacy got a painkiller and an antibiotic. The fever lasted for three days, after which my father took me to a clinic. During the examination it was revealed I might be a carrier of the virus. I usually walk with my father and move around with my family. The doctors advised me to go to the nearest health institution to give my blood sample and stay away from my family as a precaution. On the fourth day, with the fever continuing, I went to the health center near the house and a sample was taken. To my shock, after two days the results were found to be positive.”

Kumar said while he was admitted to the hospital, blood samples of his wife, parents, and daughter were also unfortunately positive.  “My mother and my wife were subject to house isolation, but my father was already severely ill due to diabetes and blood pressure. As I was preparing to leave the hospital and condition began to improve, my father started suffering fatigue with the radiology and blood tests not so reassuring. He was transferred to the Royal Hospital intensive care department and put on a ventilator for five days. As he underwent dialysis, the situation was worrying at home awaiting hospital calls as we were not allowed to visit him. His condition stabilized for two or three days, so we were very happy. On a ninth day, we received a call that his condition deteriorated with breathing problems and that he was in a coma. I cannot describe the situation of how it was for me and my mother in particular – confusion, anxiety, and fear. For two days we did not receive any communications from the doctors, and then we received the last call from the hospital that he passed away.”

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