Veterinary scene in Sultanate reviewed

MUSCAT: Sayyid Munthir bin Saif al Busaidy, Chairman of the Oman Equestrian Federation (OEF), met with Dr Fuad bin Jaafar al Sajwani, Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries in his office on Sunday.  The meeting was aimed at reviewing the veterinary situation of horses in the Sultanate. The discussion was centred on two major topics the first of which was the activation the veterinary quarantine in Al Rusayl and dedicate it to horses being not only a source of national income but also pride and good reputation by winning international competitions.

The second topic was about the importance of activating the role of the departments of agricultural development in all wilayats of the Sultanate for the benefit of equine veterinary care. This goal can be attained by setting up co-ordination between OEF and the ministry of agriculture and fisheries through conducting workshops for veterinarians with the aim of controlling equine emergencies and reducing the risk of transporting the horses to remote wilayats for treatment. The minister of agriculture and fisheries expressed his satisfaction over what he had heard promising to consider the demands presented by the OEF chairman.