Vehicles used for drifting seized, drivers arrested

MUSCAT, June 18 – In a bid to curb the menace of illegal drifting in the Sultanate, the Royal Oman Police (ROP) have seized more than a dozen vehicles that were modified for the purpose. According to an online statement from the ROP, 13 illegally modified vehicles were seized and their drivers arrested in raids conducted in Shinas and Suhar. The drivers, reportedly, include Gulf nationals. “The police command of the northern Batinah Governorate confiscated 13 vehicles that were modified for drifting purpose. Their drivers have been arrested and will be referred to the prosecution,” the ROP said on its Twitter handle.
According to ROP, the use of such vehicles to perform drifting stunts is a criminal activity as per traffic laws.
“Performing dangerous drifting stunts is considered a breach of public morality and it puts safety of road users in danger,” an ROP official said.
According to Omani traffic law, drivers who perform drifting stunts on roads can face jail terms of up to three months and be fined RO 500. Scores of drivers have been arrested and their vehicles seized for accidents.
Following reports of a large number of accidents involving drifting in 2015, dedicated areas with maximum safety standards are being developed at different locations, including Musannah, Ibri, Thamrait, Adam and Shinas.
Similarly, modification of vehicles is also strictly banned in Oman. These include engine modifications, high-performance braking systems, bull bars, chassis and suspension modifications, exhaust systems, transmission upgrades and fuel additives.
Modifying vehicles with decorations and accessories, roof covers, light covers and stickers is strictly prohibited.
In another incident, the ROP officials arrested a group of people after they were found to be firing gunshots as part of the Eid celebrations.
According to ROP tweets, videos showing a number of people firing shots were uploaded on social media.
“The Director-General of Criminal Investigation has arrested the accused and has taken legal action against them,” the statement said.