Veggie prices drop at Mawaleh market

MUSCAT, June 7 – The prices of agricultural products at Mawaleh market have dropped after the Ministry of Agricultural and Fisheries decided to import them directly. According to the ministry, garlic was priced RO 5 per kg (local) and RO 1.6 (imported). Local eggplant was priced at 15 baisas per kg and imported 300 baisas, watermelon (local 308 baisas, imported 209), and tomato (local 125, imported 288). Imported grapes were priced at RO 1.3 per kg, followed by orange and apples at 750 baisas per kg. Lemon was priced at 58 baisas per kg. The Public Authority for Consumer Protection (PACP) is keeping a check on prices. Thousands of tonnes of fruits and vegetables have started entering the market from Thailand, India, Europe, America as well as Arab countries to meet the local demand.

By Zainab al Nassri