Education on values programme to be launched in Omani schools

By Kabeer Yousuf — MUSCAT: March 20 – A gigantic leap in imparting values to children in Omani schools was achieved on Monday with the Ministry of Education announcing a programme for inculcating values in the young minds, for the first time. Although there have been programmes that teach schoolchildren various subjects and topics, little attention was paid while educating them on values passed on by generations. Side by side, an attempt to tell the young brains about the evils of drugs on the individual, family and society, lack of motivation in youngsters, dangers of smoking and above all, the menace of overuse of Internet in our lives.
“A little attention was paid in imparting values to the tender minds, and we have partnered with Fabs Events to implement a programme which educates Omani children on, for example, how to be polite and sincere and what’s the importance of commitment and time management, besides making them aware of the modern society’s evils that surround them,” said Samira al Zadjali, Assistant Director of Administrative Services, Housing and Staff Care, of the Ministry of Education.
“The programme mainly aims at complete development of the child between 8 to 14 years of age, considering the immense number of children who have been diverted to various negative activities like smoking, alcohol, drugs and misuse of Internet. This will be a continuous programme to develop the child and continuously remind him of such evils,” she added.
All the schools in the capital area have been invited to take part in this one-of-its-kind initiative and the response has been overwhelming.
The pilot programme, to be started in all public schools from April 8 and will continue for one year through more than 160 schools benefitting over 50,000 Omani children, was conceptualised by Fabs Events with a green signal from the ministry.
Prominent speakers like Ayesha al Shoily, Head of Training at Ooredoo, and personality trainers will be delivering motivational speeches and conducting some team building exercises, while yoga trainers Vidya and Mayur will be offering some breathing techniques, stress relievers and exam counselling for both children and parents.
“Being a mother myself I believe it is my social responsibility to discuss these topics at an open forum and create a greater awareness in the general public. I think this event is a good starting point for us all and it will get all parents thinking,” says Ayesha al Shoily enthusiastically.
“We wanted to do something for the young minds seeing that children pay less respect to elders when they are totally engrossed with their technical devices like smartphones or tabs and only an awareness campaign can help get the message across. While technology is a boon young minds must be trained and guided on how to use it to their benefit,” says Biju, Managing Director of Fabs Events.
“The idea behind this programme is to assist and help children develop themselves in a friendly atmosphere in their language, as this is a non-profit event”, he added.
“It’s very common to see children of today just going with the flow with very little focus or idea about what they want to become. We want to bring this matter into the limelight. From a young age we want children to understand that it is important to have an aim and work towards it relentlessly right from the start,” Nadiya al Balushi, GM, Fabs Events, adds.