Use social media to bring your business to life

The emerging opportunities for Omani businesses in international markets are immense. To help existing and potential Omani exporters, as well as the wider business community, take advantage of everything the international market has to offer, Ithraa has organised Oman Export Week 2019 (OEW19) during October 27 – 31, at the Oman Convention & Exhibition Centre.

In the lead up to this event we are interviewing OEW19 workshop presenters, giving them the chance to preview their workshop themes.
1. So, in no more than 30 seconds, tell us your elevator pitch. Who are you and what do you do?
I’m Aaisha Dadral (pictured), founder of London-based Brand & Marketing agency, CRAVE. We specialise in understanding audiences, and how to build and market brands that are relevant, both locally and globally.
We deep-dive on strategy in order to develop creative that does more than look good. Over six years, we’ve worked with some of the best known global brands, and some of the most exciting startups, taking new ideas and products to the UK and beyond.
2. A lot of small business don’t have time for social media or think it’s unimportant. How do you address these criticisms and what’s the best way to develop a social media strategy that can be both actionable and provide a return?
The exponential growth of social media, in itself validates the importance of its inclusion across any robust marketing strategy: as marketers, we go to where our audiences exist and engage. These platforms give us an opportunity to speak direct to our consumers, build rapport, sometimes provide support or customer care. In addition, they allow brands to convey purpose, beliefs and values at a time when, more than ever, consumers buying behaviour is based on more than price alone.
3. Which would be your social media platform of choice if you could only choose one and why?
Instagram. Visual content dominates across social media in terms of engagement, and Instagram has evolved to offer multiple formats within one space.
With a billion people using it monthly, and average daily usage expected to be at 28 minutes per day in 2020, it’s a great platform on which to tell your brand stories and bring your brand to life.
4. Which social platform do you think is the most under-rated and under-used by businesses?
Business-to-business, LinkedIn. A strong content strategy coupled with a premium account can go a long way. Direct-to-consumer, Instagram or YouTube. Whilst many businesses exist on one or both of these platforms, very few have mastered content strategy and community management to make the most out of direct access to their audience.
5. What would you say is the most important thing to consider when using social media for your business?
Consistency, tone of voice and creative content.
6. Would you agree that social media isn’t about making an instant return on investment but about building a brand?
Absolutely, yes. Social media is where you bring your business to life, tell brand stories, convey values and beliefs, and establish credibility amongst your audience. To reap valuable return, you need to first establish your presence.
7. What do you find most frustrating about the way businesses behave on social media?
Businesses are still placing inflated value on follower numbers versus engagement.
8. Which brand do you think has really nailed social media?
Nike. Always engaging content that inevitably converts to sales without ever taking a hard sales approach. They use platforms like Instagram to tell their brand stories and convey their beliefs and values, beautifully.
9. How can a small Omani business build an authentic voice and add value on social media when there’s so much noise out there?
Be brave. Have a strategy. Be creative with your content and be reactive!