Use of State Emblem as trademark prohibited

MUSCAT: His Majesty Sultan Qaboos on Sunday issued four Royal Decrees.
Royal Decree No 28/2018 introduces some amendments to the Law of the State Flag, its National Emblem and its National Anthem.
Article 1 replaces the text of Article No 12 of the Law of the State Flag, its National Emblem and its National Anthem with the following text: “It is prohibited to use the State’s Emblem as a trademark or with the intention of advertising or publicity. It is also prohibited to put the emblem on jewellery or products or materials produced or made locally or imported any of these without the prior permission of the Minister of Commerce and Industry, after the approval of the minister, and it is prohibited to exhibit or sell products/materials in commercial shops in violation of the provisions of this Article.
“And in all cases, the protection stated in the above clause shall be applied to the State’s Emblem, irrespective of whether it is put alone or as part of a group of emblems or drawings or shapes or images or pictures or (the emblem being) entered in the composition/texture of any of these. The protection stated also covers logos or trademarks or approved insignia/emblems of government, military or security departments wherever the emblem is part of their components”.
Article 2 cancels all that contradicts this Decree or contravenes its provisions.
Article 3 says that this Decree shall be published in the Official Gazette and enforced from the day following its date of publication.
Royal Decree No 29/2018 on the promulgation of law on prohibition of non-Omani ownership of lands and real estate in some places.
Article 1 applies the provisions of the law attached to this Decree in the event of ban on non-Omani ownership of lands and real estates in some places.
Article 2 states that the Minister of Housing shall issue the bylaws, regulations and decisions necessary for the implementation of the provisions of the law attached to this Decree after coordinating with the departments concerned. Until such bylaws and decisions are issued, the bylaws and decisions in force shall continue to be applied without prejudice to the provisions of the
attached law.