US media group highlights Oman’s unique beauty

NEW YORK: The Sultanate boasts abundant natural potentials making it a distinctive destination for tourists and visitors from all over the world, according a report published by New York-based Group Nine media company. The Sultanate has unique natural beauty in the form of caves, waterfall, mountain slopes, vast deserts and turquoise sea water, the report said.  The Sultanate is the only Middle Eastern country which scored zero in the Global Terrorism Index. Oman is distinguished by its openness to the world and its hospitality. A walk along Muttrah seafront gives you an idea about the Oman’s history and its deep-rooted civilisation, it said.

The report mentioned the Grand Sultan Qaboos Mosque which, it said, has a 160-feet tall dome which can be seen on the horizon of Muscat city. Inside the mosque there are exquisite decorations including an 8.5-tonne chandelier with more than 6,000,000 crystals and more than 1,000 halogen lamps. The Niyabat of Birkat Al Mouz in Al Dakhiliyah Governorate provides a glimpse of how Omanis lived hundreds of years ago. You can see remnants of bricks and clay as well as windows and arches that are still sound, the report said. The report spoke about the Nizwa Fort which dates back to the 17th century saying that scaling the fort requires climbing a set of narrow twisty staircases. — ONA