US firm to undertake E-Vehicles’ regulatory review

Well-known American energy consultant Energy + Environmental Economics (E3) has been appointed by the Authority for Electricity Regulation Oman (AER) to undertake a review of the regulatory framework necessary to support the adoption of Electric Vehicles (EV) in the Sultanate.
San Francisco-based E3 was chosen from among 17 international firms that had competed for the consultancy services contract. E3’s appointment was announced in a post tweeted by the regulator on Monday.
E3’s primary task is to conduct a review and assessment of international best practice in terms of electricity sector regulatory frameworks and how they have evolved in relation to the challenge of supporting EVs.
The study will broadly cover, among other areas, potential capital costs linked to the development of public EV recharge stations, network and connection issues, safety issues, metering costs and the required licence and Code modifications. Market trends and developments that may impact the future shape of regulatory frameworks will be factored into its findings as well.
As part of its mandate, E3 will also make specific recommendations to the Authority on the steps that it should consider taking to facilitate the use of Electric Vehicles in Oman. Recommendations may include methodologies employed successfully abroad, but suitably tailored for Oman’s settings, that support the smooth rollout of this energy-efficient and eco-friendly mode of transportation.
Additionally, E3 is required to make specific recommendations for the standards that should be adopted for EV chargers (considering practices in neighbouring countries, metering, connection designs and public safety). The American firm will also offer its assessment on tariff evolution (and related metering requirements) that might better enable the development of EVs in Oman and their potential impacts on Government subsidy levels to the electricity sector, according to the regulator.
Established in 1989, E3 specialises in assisting utilities, regulators, policy makers, developers and investors in making strategic decisions in response to technological advancements and evolving customer expectations in the realm of energy services. The firm is currently advising market players in California and New York in the implementation of renewable and clean energy policies. E3 also has a growing international presence, having undertaken projects in China, India and Africa.