US-based musician dreams of performing at ROHM

He was born and brought up in Oman — and today is one of India’s leading and talented musicians. At a young age, he has under his belt several accolades including the creation and production of music used in a commercial for one of the automobile giants in the world.

In 2018, Oman Daily Observer was in conversation with Prateek Rajagopal, a rockstar of many slashes. A music composer, producer, guitarist, SFX designer & mix engineer for bands, TV commercials/ad films, shorts, one of his aspirations is to create his full-length feature in the future.


He was referred to as one of the most versatile songwriters amongst various sub-genres in Heavy Metal in India. Highly considering Oman as his second home, he has the dream to someday play at the country’s prestigious Royal Opera House Muscat.

At the time, Prateek was in between doing courses and wrapping up commercial work and was about to go on vacation, he said, “I’ll continue working on transcribing some of my orchestrated (midi) scores to staff, write a Gutslit song or two, and continue the back and forth work for acquiring and releasing assets for HOIA’s album this year.

My next big goal is to score movies and films!”.

Prateek is now a composer, producer and guitarist who has gracefully received accolades, recognition and awards as an artist, and has been featured on Red Bull Music, Rolling Stone, VICE, Prog Magazine, Rotosound, Metal Injection and a multitude of popular media for his accomplishments. Having collaborated with some of the brightest musical minds and having written and produced music across various genres. He has developed a unique understanding of the distinctive ways to communicate through music.

As a composer in LA, he hopes to meet and share a long-term, viable and gratifying relationship with every director, collaborator and story-teller.

As of 2020, Prateek wrote and produced the climax song for an Indo-American feature starring Emraan Hashm, worked with David Lynch’s son on a 15-minute short film and worked on a popular streaming gig (unfortunately can’t reveal the name yet) where I did music producing, musical sound design and world-building for the main composer Michael Kramer, a two-time Emmy nominated composer and multi-instrumentalist for film, television, and video games.

A graduate of USC’s prestigious film scoring program, he currently scores the hit Cartoon Network TV series LEGO Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitsu, for which he received a 2020 Emmy Award nomination.

At almost 10 years and counting, the show is the network’s longest-running animated program and airs in more than 30 countries.

Additionally, he enjoys sculpting sounds from scratch using analogue tools, musical sound-design and experimental technology, giving each project its own sonic identity. From conducting

Hollywood’s most sought after orchestras to touring alongside the topmost metal bands, Prateek has developed a unique understanding of the distinctive ways to communicate through music.