Urge children to adopt reading habit…

The significance of books in people’s life cannot be denied of course! In fact, books are regarded as best friends for us at all times. A renowned Chinese proverb says, “A book is like a garden carried in the pocket”. Though it is impossible to carry a garden in one’s pocket, this saying is metaphorically indicates the value of books. They are full of beauty, wonders, science and knowledge which all cultivate the mind and spirit.
In fact, many people are in love of such pocket-sized gardens! Not only adults and elderly ones who are fond of reading books, but children as well. Although sometimes children are more interested to read comic books or magazines, but this certainly creates reading culture among them. Afterwards, reading will become a habit for children as browsing cartoons, magazines and comic books will entice them to take hold of real books. Gradually, reading will become an irresistible daily behaviour and part of kids’ life.
Creating the culture of reading and eventually making it a habit for kids from early age will not happen overnight. It should be started since the early days of kids, parents need to read for their kids every now and then. Telling fairy tales and reading short stories for children before bedtime, for instance, will be the start of getting reading habit into their life’s routine. As they grow, kids will be reading on their own and reading will become a passion rather than habit.
This is what we all would love to see happening with our children. However, with the intervention of the digital age and advanced technology, kids could be diverted from the interest of reading sometimes. They would become more attached to games and fun activities on computers and mobile applications. Therefore, parents will be struggling with their children to get them out of the addiction to technology. This kind of obsession renders children to be more unsocial and aggressive sometimes.
Nevertheless, reading is never missed from our life; kids too are given chances to get into reading opportunities. At school, for instance, teachers are bringing different reading initiatives and competitions for students.
Special reading projects and activities are implemented for outstanding students to hone their skills. Remedial reading exercises are also designed for low
performing students, so they can improve their abilities. Thus, the habit of reading is being built since the early school days.
Other public initiatives are also occasionally being introduced to promoting reading among children and family as a whole. Book fairs and reading competitions, to name a few, are very useful and encouraging ways to revive people’s interest to read and learn. Dedicated book fairs for children would be really a good idea to promote reading culture among children and school students. Such fairs need to be regularly held in different parts of the Sultanate.
Regardless how big or small these book fairs or events they are; all what matters is the diversity of reading material and learning tools that are on offer for children. A couple of such initiatives were held sometimes ago and they were well received by children and families alike. Undoubtedly, such events stand as an educational and recreational platform for children where they can have fun and learn at the same time.
Another way aimed towards promoting reading is introducing the new concept of little free libraries at different public areas. Besides, I have seen bookshelves in a number of hospitals and other places, which people visit very often. These facilities comprise different types of books, magazines and other reading collateral. Such ideas will definitely encourage people to read while they are waiting in these places.
Yes, they are simple initiatives, but eventually will have an impact on people somehow. Thus, it is very important to work all on providing stimulating platforms, ways and initiatives to promote reading
culture. Reading is the food for minds and souls.