Urdu mushaira enthralls Muscat audience

MUSCAT: The Urdu wing of the Indian Social Club organised a Urdu Poetry evening at Al Bustan Palace A Ritz Carlton Hotel recently. The event was attended by a large number of people.
The evening began with an address by Aftab Patel, who is widely known as Safeer-e-Urdu in Oman, due to his contribution to the language. In his address, he said: “Urdu mushaira is an iconic event on the cultural calendar of Oman. This event not only entertains us but also enriches our mind, heart and soul. Poetry in any form is the highest form of intelligence. Thus, this event is so different from the routine events as this appeals to much higher level of senses and intelligence”. He welcomed all the poets and had special praise for Nazim-e-Mushaira Rais Ansari and the legendary poet Manawwar Rana who, despite his illness, took pains to travel on a wheel chair for this event.
Rais Ansari said Urdu is a language of love and affection and that is the reason why such events are so popular in countries like Oman which is far away from India, the birth place of Urdu.
The mushaira started with recitation by local poets Mubeen Khan, Tufail Ahmad and Gauhar Naqvi. They got a big round of applause from the audience for their beautiful creations and excellent rendition. Subsequently, the stage was taken by well-known guest poets from India. Altaf Zia, Manish Shukla, Saba Balrampuri, Famous Khatolvi, Rais Ansari, Hashim Ferozabaadi, Iqbal Ashar enthralled the crowd with some of the best ghazals, poems and couplets which received thunderous applause from the audience.
During the event Urdu teachers Tufail Ahmad, Lubna Mushtaq Shaikh, Naaz Khusro, Ain Tawheed were facilitated by the wing. Urdu wing organises weekly Urdu classes for all ages where basic Urdu reading, writing and speaking is taught. This is an initiative of Urdu wing to promote Urdu language and keep it alive.