Uplifting Oman’s theatre community


Is theatre and the performing arts still important and relevant in the 21st century?
This is one of the frequent questions that many theatre and performing arts enthusiasts are asked and a question that without a doubt they also often dwell on.
With the explosion of the popularity of television and films, many doomsayers predicted that theatre and the performing arts will become obsolete.
But ask any artist engaged in this sector and their answer will be a resounding yes. It is definitely relevant and very important.
The arguments of most theatre enthusiasts are simple. As human beings, theatre is an avenue for self-expression, self-empowerment, creativity and promotes appreciation to our emotions and our being human.
It is also a tool for education, and if handled and managed right, can help promote social change.
Bait Al Zubair Foundation is one of the organisations in the Sultanate that recognises the importance of theatre.
To uplift and support the theatre community in the country, the foundation will be holding the 6-day Theatre Days running from April 27 until May 2, 2017.
Activities and events will take place at Bait Al Nahdha, within the property of Bait Al Zubair.
Six teams which were preliminarily chosen by a panel to compete against each other shall perform one day at a time.
The groups participating include Al Den, Tawasul, Rustaq, Modern Art, Watan Theatre, and Al Sahwa. The performances will be judged by well-known Theatre personalities, Khaled Jalal, Hussein Alawi, and Abdullah al Farsi.
A first in the history of Oman theatre to use a “circle” set up, the event intends to promote local theatre groups as well as to provide entertainment to theatre enthusiasts focusing on Oman’s culture and rich heritage.
The plays will be shown as follows: Rotation by the Tawasul Group on Thursday, April 17; Delirium by the al Sahwa Group on Friday; A shade and seven spirits for Al Den on Saturday; The Ship for Watan Group on Sunday, Thought for Rustaq Group on Monday and The last show, will be The Storm by the Modern Art Group on Tuesday. All shows will take place at 7.30 pm.